Past Events 2021

Interested in learning a little bit more about what Grand Oak Herb Farm does? Here you can see the past events for the year and read through this library of our class or tea event descriptions. We hope this gives you a better idea of what we do and the type of events we offer. If you are planning a tea event for a special occasion or just as a gathering of friends, we would be more than happy to plan something unique or integrate meal ideas from our own special events.

April 24th Noon Guide to the Beginner’s Apothecary Garden

Modern society is seeking more natural remedies and staying away from chemicals and artificial ingredients. We will be studying 11 very common medicinal/culinary herbs and their uses that can be grown in your own garden. You will be making an infused oil and a tincture to take home. A light luncheon will be provided if we are allowed to serve food at that time.

May 1st 11:30 AM Potager ( Container Garden

Often referred to as a natural garden. Initially developed by French Monks during the 16th century. The French Potager garden is designed with beauty in mind and every element to be edible and beautiful. Vegetables, herbs, fruit, edible flowers and edible shrubs, like Rosa Rugosa were used in the garden. Flowers used were edible pollinators. Vegetables were the main point. Color is important when designing the garden. As an example edible calendula, violas, sunflowers, blue corn flowers, nasturtium, rosa rugosa, lilac and other edible blossoms.Today we are creating a mini potager garden in a large pot. Pot, soil, and plants provided.

May 8th 1PM Mothers Day “ Hat Tea”, An Affair to Remember

Wear your favorite hat. If you can’t find a hat, we will have a few cleaned and sanitized for you to wear for Tea. This will be an Afternoon Tea with delicious tea sandwiches, savories and desserts. Each person attending will receive a gift bag and a Victorian tussie-mussie. The tussie-mussie was made with flowers and herbs that in the language of flowers expresses love and devotion.

May 15th 1:00 PM Tea Society Meeting and Buffet

Tea Society meetings are free events; it is asked that everyone attending bring a passing dish to contribute to this event. The society strives to bring together people who are interested in tea for a social gathering with friends that includes: good food, conversation, and a program presented by one of the society’s members.

May 22nd 1:00 PM DIY Herbal Workshop

This is a make and take workshop. You will guided through making a lavender plantain infused oil, herbal salt scrub with an essential oil of your choice, an essential oil room spray and lavender bath bag. In addition to our workshop, a light luncheon will be provided provided.

May 29th 1:00 PM Blue Silk Hydrangea Centerpiece

You will arrange this beautiful, tastefully designed centerpiece with high quality silks that look natural. Flowers include light blue hydrangea, cream roses, cream ranunculus, green salal, green berries and other green accents. The finished arrangement will be approximately 15x20x16. In checking two different designers price the arrangement sell for $150.00. This workshop will be limited to 10 people. $75.00 register and pre-pay.

June 12th 1:00 PM English Afternoon Tea

Afternoon Tea was introduced in England by Anna, Duchess of Bedford in the year 1840. The lunch meal was served around noon thus, leaving a long period of time between lunch and dinner. The Duchess ask for a tray of tea, bread and butter. This became a habit of hers. She then began adding more to the tray and inviting friends to join her. The Tea became a social event. The tea sandwiches, savories and desserts were added to her menu and are typical of what we serve today. Join us for an Afternoon Tea. The menu: almond apple scones, cucumber basil tea sandwich, smoked salmon pinwheels, shrimp and herb tartlet, chicken salad tea sandwich, raspberry almond tartlet, and Victoria sponge cake.

June 19th 11:00 AM Scarlet Succulent Potager Planter

Add a splash of red to spice things up! Invite a breath of fresh air to the home or office with 6 succulents of your choice, arranged in a dazzling red planter. The arrangement is enduring and easy to care for. The pot size is 8x8x7. The planter is made of high quality resin. Apple Cinnamon tea and three different scones provided.

June 26th 11:00 AM Harvest to Table Farm Brunch and Aromatherapy Demonstration

Aromatherapy is an ancient art used to incorporate the power of smell that can make time at home more meaningful and more enjoyable. It is used as a boost for healing, health and well-being. The use of natural scents are used to improve mind and spirit. We are going to show you some of our favorite blends and how to make them. Menu for 11AM Brunch: asparagus strata, ham and broccoli quiche, farmers casserole, sausage and fresh fruit.

July 10th 11AM Herb Garden in a Galvanized Tub

The idea of growing herbs in containers has always enticed me. When I plant a container garden the first thing I think about is will it leak or does it need drain holes. Next, will it stand up to the elements and will it be stylish. When planting the container herb garden, I want the container to be placed as close to the kitchen as possible so I can get my herbs when I am ready to cook. After trying many planters I decided the one that worked best was a galvanized tub. You will be provided a 4 gallon galvanized steel tub, potting soil, your choice of 5 culinary herb plants, galvanized plant stakes and a salad and soup luncheon.

July 17th Noon Lavender Tea Party and Workshop

Since ancient times lavender has been used for mental health, aromatherapy, anxiety, insomnia, depression, headache, nausea, skin problems, cosmetics and culinary uses. Lavender is an anti-inflammatory, anti-oxidant and antiseptic. It is one of the main oils you will want in your medicine cabinet for aromatherapy. You will be making: lavender coconut sugar scrub, lavender, vanilla and eucalyptus room spray, and an edible lavender bouquet* to take home. There will be a delicious lavender ‘Afternoon Tea’. Menu-lavender buttermilk chicken salad sandwich, cheddar beef sandwich with lavender horseradish, smoked turkey sandwich with lavender cranberry conserve, lavender chocolate roll and lavender tarte tatin.

July 23rd (Friday) 11:00 AM Daylily Day

You are invited to come to the Farm today while the daylilies are in bloom. I am removing a patch of select daylilies and invite you to select 2 of your favorites and dig them for free. All clumps are large. You may want to join a friend, each of you select 2 and split them thus giving you 4 different daylily plants. We will have a discussion on hybridizing and growing dayliles and includes a light luncheon using daylilies.

July 24th 1:00 PM Vegetarian Cottage Garden Luncheon and Gardening Discussion

Your plate will be filled with yummy vegetables. If you are moving toward becoming vegetarian, or already are vegetarian this luncheon is for you. We will discuss the benefit of gardening with heirloom and open pollinated plants and seed. The menu: tomato bruschetta with lemon basil and garlic, rhubarb nut bread, cream of tomato basil soup, potato, leek and spinach quiche, linguine with tomatoes and basil, stuffed zucchini, Provencal stir-fry, peaches and cream pie and raspberry lemon herb tea.

July 31st 10:00 AM-4:00 PM Summer Open House

We will soon be biding farewell to summer. To celebrate the coming change of the seasons, we want the day to be one for everyone to enjoy. The schedule will be as follows:

10:00 – 11:00 AM: Tea, scones, Devonshire cream, fresh made jam and lemon curd.

11:00 AM – Noon: Demonstrating making herb blends.

Noon – 1:00 PM: Demonstrating making infused herb oils and how to use them.

1:00 – 2:00 PM: Tea sandwiches, savories, desserts and Grand Oaks blended tea.

2:00 – 3:00 PM: Demonstration: Growing and using Lavender.

3:00 – 4:00 PM: Demonstration: Growing your Herb Tea Garden

Aug 7th 1:00 PM Tea Tasting Party

Comparing Herb Teas is a great reason to have a Tea Party. In this program we will discuss the many virtues of herbal tea. Herb teas are caffeine free. They have restorative properties, due partly to their nutritive value. Some can aid in digestion, calm nerves, and many other benefits that we will discuss. We will be tasting several herbal blends and brewing methods. Finger tea sandwiches and savories will be served to enjoy with Tea.

Aug 14th 1:00 PM Grow Your Health Vegetables

Now is the time to think about a vegetable garden for next year. If you are a new gardener learn what you should get ready for starting your garden. If you are already gardening you will find ideas for growing that does not use dangerous insecticides and pesticides. Topics will include location, soil, composting, maintenance, propagation, seed and plant starting and timeline, catalogs and more. A soup, sandwich, dessert and beverage will be provided.

Aug 21st Tea Society Meeting and Sumptuous Buffet

Aug 28th Noon Herbs to Boost the Immune System – A Guide to Historic Health

Because the Summer is over doesn’t mean you can’t keep growing fresh herbs to use in cooking. They not only add flavor to your cooking but, they have tons of health benefits. Container growing is the solution to having fresh herbs right in your own home. We will learn the benefits of 8 herbs that are especially good to help boost your immune system. These plants are packed full of vitamins and anti-inflammatory agents. Everyone attending will take home 6 of the 8 plants that we discuss to start your indoor gardening. When Spring comes plant them outdoors and let them soak up the benefits of the Sun. A chicken and rice bowl with a touch of middle eastern topping and sandwich will be provided.

Sept 4th 1:00 PM From the Garden to the Table

You are invited to enjoy lunch using fresh garden vegetables that have been grown without chemical insecticides and pesticides. We will share the healthy aspect of heirloom seed and organic growing. You will taste the superior taste and learn the benefits of growing your own food. In addition to demonstrations there will be tasting canning and freezing. Menu: broccoli salad, chicken-(range run), salad in puff pastry, corn and tomato sauté, blueberry shortcake cheese cake, zucchini bread/cake and sampling heirloom tomatoes, pickled- cucumbers, green beans, and mixed vegetables, and tomatoes. Beulah’s own recipe for tomato-vegetable juice. Recipes provided.

Sept 11th 1PM Friendship Tea with 70’s Theme

Friendship is about giving for the sheer pleasure of making your friends happy, not about giving in order to receive. Not about keeping score. The true beauty of friendship is that it is bottomless. The more you give the more you receive. May your teacups be filled with love and peace and may you share them with your friends and family. The Friendship Tea today will take on a 1970’s theme. Dress for the occasion. Your options are open to anything from bright colored polyester prints with flared pants, mini dresses with high go go boots and gunny sack dress, use your imagination. We will have a retro-fashion show, name that tune game and competition for best costume. The 1970’s menu: cheddar bacon chive bread, chicken supreme, creamy pasta primavera, stuffed pepper, watergate salad, pineapple-carrot cake and fruity tea punch. Bring your friend or friends for a fun Tea.