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Calendar of Events 2017

Grand Oak is becoming a destination for special events. Let us help you plan that special event for your group. We personalize your shower, meeting, tea, luncheon or retreat. We are now taking reservations for 2017. To be assured of openings, register early.

Register for all events by visiting or by calling (989) 666-7012. Reservations are confirmed and held with advance payment by check, credit card, or Pay-Pal, and may only be refunded with a 48-hour notice.

Registration and pre-payment for all events must be made at least one week in advance, unless noted. All reservations are recorded in the order they are received. Payment may be made thru pay pal, a credit card, or a check within 10 days from the time you register.

Notification of cancellation of reservations must occur a minimum of 48 hours prior to events for a refund.

If you are interested in receiving the E-newsletter, send us your email address.

Please note: All menus are subject to change, (due to unforeseen circumstances). Meals may include one or all the following items, wheat, eggs, milk, soy product, chocolate and peanut oil. We do our best to make our guest visit enjoyable, our menu is served as listed on the schedule, and we are unable to accommodate special request regarding menu.


We are offering fun and informative events for the rest of the year. If you would like to join us for any event, you may register by going to our website and registering by PayPal, by calling us and registering with a credit card or by sending a check.

July 14th 11:30 AM Friday at the Farm-Rosemary
If you possess an adventurous culinary spirit, your palate has most likely wandered across the pungent aroma and distinctive taste of rosemary. It is used both fresh and dried by cooks ranging from Italian Grandmothers to professional four-star chefs. Join us today to learn benefits of Rosemary as well as the delightful taste. Menu: rosemary bread, rosemary couscous, pecan rosemary baked chicken, vegetable fried rice, rosemary orange pound cake with crème fraiche.
$25.00 register and pre-pay

July 15th 1:00 PM Garden Tea Party
In the warmth of mid-July the garden is transformed into a fantasy of color. It is the ideal time for an outdoor Tea Party, (weather permitting), if weather is bad we will be in the tea room.

Lavender will be in bloom and you will make a lavender bottle wand and enjoy a Tea of: chicken basil salad on a bed of fresh greens and cantaloupe, cold strawberry soup, savories, herb bread and herbal ice tea. We then will take a garden tour. A sun hat for protection is suggested.
$45.00 Seating limited to 25 register & pre-pay


July 21st 11:30 AM Friday at the Farm-Daylilies
The daylily is a flowering plant in the genus Hemerocallis. Garden enthusiasts and professional horticulturalists have long bread daylily species for their beautiful blooms. Daylilies are rugged, adaptable, vigorous perennials that endure in the garden for many years. They attract butterflies and hummingbirds and the beautiful petals are an edible flower ( the daylily is the only lily that has edible petals). We grow more than 200 species here at the farm. Most of the plants are in bloom at this time and you may choose any that you would like to purchase and we will dig your choice. Prices vary but today only they will be sold at half price.

You will experience the taste today with a chicken pineapple salad. Served in a daylily blossom and an edible flower fruit salad.
$25.00 register and pre-pay

July 22nd Noon Essential Oils &Aromatherapy
Learn some of the ways safe and effective ways to use essential oils to improve the health and happiness in your home. Numerous studies confirm essential oils abilities to affect our moods, reduce pain levels, heal wounds, fight illness and more. We will give you the recipe for ‘4 Thieves Oil’ as well as the many beneficial uses. We will provide a 2-ounce misting bottle for you to blend oils for ‘ Immune Boost’ to take home.

A cool mist diffuser will be given free to one person attending by drawing. Get your ticket when you check in at the gift shop. On the menu for today: tomato basil soup. tea sandwiches and refreshing herbal ice tea.
$50.00 register and pre-pay

July 28th 11:30 AM Friday at the Farm-Basil
I have saved the King of the herb garden until last in July’s ‘Friday At the Farm’ programs. Basil is a must for culinary uses. It holds many notable plant derived chemical compounds that are known to have disease preventing and health promoting properties. Join us today to learn how to grow, care, and preserving of basil. Sample the delicious flavor of some of our favorite basils. Menu: crusty tomato basil focaccia, lemon basil shrimp and pasta, chicken basil salad in an edible daylily and blueberry basil granita.
$25.00 register and pre-pay


July 29th Noon Elegant Summer Wreath and Luncheon
Wreaths speak a timeless language, conveying an instant message of welcome, remembrance, and celebration. The meaning of the wreath will depend on the materials used. You will make a 24/26 inch wreath using an array of contrasting colors and textures that convey all of the above. Your wreath will make an elegant indoor wreath for any décor. Luncheon menu: fresh greens, vegetables & fruit salad accompanied by fresh melon, chicken pineapple curry chicken sandwich, Beulah’s lemon Summer cake and refreshing lavender strawberry lemonade.
$70.00 limited to 12 register and pre-pay

Aug 5th 1:00 PM English Afternoon Tea
History places Afternoon Tea dating back to the year 1629 in France. Success and enjoyment of an Afternoon Tea requires an honest feeling of friendliness, caring, the offering of hospitality and the tradition of honoring the guest. Along with the choice of teas, there are scones, tiny sandwiches, savories and desserts. Our menu for Afternoon Tea: apple spice scones with apple butter spread, Devonshire cream, almond chicken salad sandwich, roast beef with caramelized onion on rye, ham and Swiss cheese rolls, spinach pie in phyllo, white chocolate strawberries, chocolate tiramisu, English cake and a choice of teas.
$40.00 register and prepay


Aug 12th Noon Harvest and Preserve your Herb and Vegetable Harvest for Winter
As Fall approaches it is time to save the herb and vegetable harvest for Winter enjoyment. We will discuss how and when to harvest, preserving methods as well as sharing some of the best recipes that I have used.

Luncheon today will be prepared with our preserved harvest. Included will be: condensed tomato soup (home canned), with cheddar sage wafers, dill seed bread with roasted garlic butter, Ziti pasta with home canned heirloom tomato sauce, sweet corn (frozen), green bean casserole (home canned) and chocolate pumpkin roll. Recipes provided.
$35.00 register and pre-pay


Aug 18th Noon Garden-Fresh Tea Party
One of the most satisfying aspects of late Summer is enjoying the bounty of fresh harvest. Utilizing these homegrown foods is a simple but stunning afternoon tea. The menu for today: cheddar herb scones with lettuce pesto, creamy pumpkin soup, chicken salad with herbs and cashews, roasted garden-vegetable quiche, heirloom tomato tart, basil cream stuffed tomato, lavender and honey mini carrot cake and refreshing herb tea. Everyone will take home fresh heirloom vegetables to enjoy their superb flavor.
$40.00 register and pre-pay


Aug 19th 1:00 PM Tea Society Tea and Meeting


Aug 26th 11:00 AM Fall Crafting Herb Seminar
This is a hands on seminar. You will make 4 different projects.
#1- Learning to blend essential oils for health and happiness.
You will make a citrus blend that helps strengthen the immune system, balance emotions, relieve depression and helps with concentration.
NOON Luncheon menu: tomato bisque, cheddar cheese sage wafers, chicken basil sandwich on a croissant, fresh berries in wine sauce and rosemary punch.
#2- Plant a planter with 5 succulents.
Your choice of succulent species.
#3- Make a fragrant 22/24 inch herb swag.
You will use kitchen herbs for this project.
#4- Make a 20 inch boxwood wreath.
Decorate it with a ribbon bow. Everyone may choose their ribbon and will learn to make a wreath bow. All materials furnished
$ 75.00 for the day register and pre-pay


Sept 2nd ( Saturday) Closed for Labor Day


Sept 7th(Thursday-1:00 PM)
Aroma Therapy and Essential Oils 102

This is a special one-on-one class/workshop with Beulah and, is limited to 5 people. We will focus on essential oil uses in aromatherapy. You will blend a Lavender and Eucalyptus room spray. 4 Thieves Oil, Immune Boost, Citrus Synergy, Headache Relief, and Energizing and Focusing . You will take home a bottle of each of the blends that you make. A printed sheet of their uses a ways to use them will be provided.
If you miss out on this date, the program will be offered again October 15th Sunday.

$95.00 Special Event register and pre-pay


Sept 9th Noon Autumn Tea and Sunflower/Pumpkin Door Swag
As nature paints the trees in colors of reds and golds and the deep orange of ripening pumpkins, celebrate Autumn with an Afternoon
Tea and a workshop. You will make a permanent botanical sunflower and pumpkin, 42-inch long door swag. The base of your swag will be bittersweet. Afternoon Tea will be at Noon. We will then move to the workshop to make your unique door swag. Our menu: cranberry pumpkin scones, Devonshire cream, ruben swirls, butternut squash tartlets, pecan spice cake and apple spice tea.
$68.00 register and pre-pay

Sept 15th Noon ( Friday) Garden Harvest Vegetarian
High Tea and Preserving The Harvest

Join us today to taste how delicious vegetarian can be. Our program will cover healthy foods such as, the delicious flavor of heirloom and open pollinated vegetables and fruit. Why red, yellow, orange, green, white and brown color of vegetables and fruit are a must in our diet. We will discuss heirloom herbs and vegetables, heirloom seed and plant sources as well as preserving your harvest.

Menu: heirloom tomato and garlic focaccia, cabbage and avocado slaw, creamy spinach and dill soup, onion and roasted tamale pie with Colorado salsa, cranberry beans with rice, fried green tomatoes, butternut squash cake.
$40.00 register and pre-pay



Sept 16th 1;00 PM Tea Society Tea and Meeting
For information call Lois at 810-232-0266. Join use for the fun.

Sept 23rd Noon Holiday Decorating & Luncheon
Demonstrating 50 ideas and instructions for all of these inexpensive decorating ideas. Each person will make 20-22 inch boxwood wreath. We will furnish ribbon and show you how to made a wreath bow. A luncheon of hearty warming garden vegetable chowder, brisket sandwich, and chocolate pumpkin bar will be provided.
$65.00 register and pre-pay


Sept 30th 1:00 PM Holiday Decorating & Luncheon


Oct 7th Noon Harvest Luncheon and Ghost Pumpkin with Snowy Owl
We will meet in the tearoom for a delicious harvest luncheon. Luncheon will be fresh harvest from our gardens. You will experience the taste of heirloom vegetables and herbs.

Menu: heirloom tomato and garlic focaccia, cabbage and Avocado slaw, creamy spinach and dill soup, onion and roasted tamale pie with Colorado salsa, cranberry beans with rice, fried green tomatoes, butternut squash cake.

You will then move to the workshop and be provided a large a ghost pumpkin and decorate it with a snowy owl, and permanentbotanicals, you will love it.
$65.00 register and pre-pay


Oct 14th Noon Garlic Day and Kitchen Wreath
Its time to plant the garlic. You will learn soil preparation, planting, soil type, watering and storage. Garlic bulbs will be available for planting. You will make an 18 inch kitchen wreath using herbs, garlic, rosemary and cayenne pepper. The base of your wreath will be made with Bay leaves.

Luncheon menu: Fresh garden greens with garlic wine vinaigrette, baked garlic parmesan chicken, roasted garlic potatoes, zucchini with dill and garlic yogurt, and apple cake with roasted garlic and honey poached garlic sauce.
$60.00 register and pre-pay


October 15th (SUNDAY) 1PM Aroma Therapy and Essential Oils 102
This is a special one-on-one class/workshop with Beulah and, is limited to 5 people. We will focus on essential oil uses in aromatherapy. You will blend a lavender and eucalyptus room spray, 4 Thieves Oil, Immune Boost, Citrus Synergy, Headache Relief, and Energizing and Focusing. You will take home a bottle of each of the blends that you make. A printed sheet of their uses a ways to use them will be provided.

$95.00 Special event register and pre-pay


OCT 20th (Friday) Noon 3 Stacked Pumpkin Centerpiece and Fall Luncheon
Learn why we should be eating more pumpkin. You will start this event with luncheon at noon. Then we will make a charming 3 stacked mini faux pumpkin table arrangement decorated with a vine wreath, autumn leaves, bittersweet and raffia. This will be arranged in a terra-cotta pot.

Menu for today: coconut pumpkin bread, autumn salad, pumpkin corn chowder, cinnamon pumpkin roll with chocolate filling and apple pumpkin pie.
$65.00 register and pre-pay


Oct. 21st 1:00 PM Tea Society Afternoon Tea and Meeting
For information call Lois at 810-232-0266. This is a no charge event. Very relaxing and informative.