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Calendar of Events 2017

Grand Oak is becoming a destination for special events. Let us help you plan that special event for your group. We personalize your shower, meeting, tea, luncheon or retreat. We are now taking reservations for 2017. To be assured of openings, register early.

Register for all events by visiting or by calling (989) 666-7012. Reservations are confirmed and held with advance payment by check, credit card, or Pay-Pal, and may only be refunded with a 48-hour notice.

Registration and pre-payment for all events must be made at least one week in advance, unless noted. All reservations are recorded in the order they are received. Payment may be made thru pay pal, a credit card, or a check within 10 days from the time you register.

Notification of cancellation of reservations must occur a minimum of 48 hours prior to events for a refund.

If you are interested in receiving the E-newsletter, send us your email address.

Please note: All menus are subject to change, (due to unforeseen circumstances). Meals may include one or all the following items, wheat, eggs, milk, soy product, chocolate and peanut oil. We do our best to make our guest visit enjoyable, our menu is served as listed on the schedule, and we are unable to accommodate special request regarding menu.



April 15th 11AM- Container Gardening
Container planting is a versatile way of filling space and a great boon to any gardener, especially if space is limited. Our program today will be starting a container Herb Garden. We will discuss soil, containers nutrients and plants.

NOON-tea sandwiches, savories and herbal beverages in the Tearoom.

1PM- Growing Miniature Gardens- succulents, fairy gardens, mini hostas and more.

Complimentary registration please


April 21st- 11AM Sustainable Gardening
Sustainable gardening- a step above organic gardening. Ideas for growing your healthy, chemical free food. The discussion will cover planting, nutrients, tools, cultivation, tools, insects and plant diseases. A salad luncheon will be provided.
Complimentary registration please


April 22nd- 1PM Tea Society Afternoon Tea

For information call Lois at 810-232-0266. Call Lois to RSVP.


April 29th Noon- Herb Gardening With Beulah
This demonstration will cover soil, tools, hardy perennials, annuals, when to plant, sun and shade plants and more on growing and care of the herb garden. Everyone attending will make a pint of rosemary orange vinegar and will learn about, and sample herbal shrub. The herb enhanced luncheon will be scones, Devonshire cream, creamy vegetable chowder with Winter savory, Chicken basil salad on a croissant, and strawberry soup.
$40.00 register and pre-pay


May 13th- 1PM Mothers Day High Tea
Honor that very special person in your life, your Mother. Join us for a delicious and lovely High Tea. There will be an herbal tussie-mussie for everyone as well as a collectable teacup and saucer filled with forget-me-nots and rosemary{for remembrance}. The menu for today: raspberry cream scones, Devonshire cream, lemon curd tartlets, pineapple basil chicken salad on a croissant, ham and cheese phyllo cups, stuffed tomatoes, English cucumber sandwich, lavender cream cake and Beulah’s Summer Cake. Also, a discussion of the Victorian tussie mussie and the herb of remembrance rosemary
$48.50 register and pre-pay


May 20th- 11AM-3:30 PM Welcome Spring Open House
11:00- AM Demonstration for Container Herb Gardens.
Soil, watering and feeding your container garden.

Each person attending will take home 4 herb plants to get their herb container garden growing. Plants will be cardinal basil, sweet marjoram, thyme and chives.

NOON-_Herbal Luncheon Buffet

1PM- Growing a Medicinal Garden. Medicinal Plants for the garden and their uses.

2PM- Aromatherapy
All attending will make a 2-ounce misting bottle of ‘Citrus Synergy’. This is used for balancing and stimulation. It helps balance and stabilize emotions, helps with concentration and to relieve depression.

3PM- The Marvelous Mint Family
A mint plant for all attending. Enjoy fresh mint ice tea and lemon thyme cookies while we discuss the benefits of mint.
$35.00 for the day register and pre-pay


May 26th and 27th- The Farm will be open for the Holiday week-end Friday, The 26th and Saturday the, 27th.



June 2nd- Noon (Friday) Gardening with Succulents
We will start by meeting in the tearoom for a delicious salad luncheon with fresh fruit, scones and Devonshire cream. Then we will move to the greenhouse to plant a succulent garden planter. You will be able to choose 5 different plants of your choice. Container and soil provided.
$48.50 register and pre-pay


June 3rd NOON Heirloom Gardening and Eating a Rainbow of Fruit and Vegetables to Promote Better Health
It's time to plant your tender annuals into the garden. There will be an in-depth discussion on growing heirloom vegetables: tomatoes, basil. sweet marjoram, peppers, and more. Also, a discussion of the benefits of Red vegetables & fruit, Yellow/Orange, Green, Blue/Purple and White/Brown, all of which help to keep us healthy. Each person attending will take home an heirloom tomato plant. Upon arrival we will meet in the tearoom for a rainbow of color fruit salad, rainbow of color stir-fry vegetables, basil pesto bread, lemon herb butter and fruit tea. A handout for all attending.
$30.00 register and pre-pay


June 9th - Noon (Friday) Succulent Birdhouse Planter & Luncheon
You will be provided a large 10in-X7-1/2inX8-1/2 red cedar birdhouse planter with a bird entry of 1-1/2 inch. You will be given soil and 6 succulent plants to plant the top of the birdhouse. Your planter can be hung outdoors, on a porch, or on the patio. A delicious Spring luncheon will be provided.
$70.00 register & pre-pay


June 10th-- 11:00 AM Starting a Medicinal Herb Garden
One of the most popular gardening themes is growing andusing common herbs for their medicinal uses. We will go into our medicinal garden here at the farm and talk about 15 simple herb plants and their remedies. Some of these plants were used as far back as the 15th century. Medicinal herb chart will be provided for everyone. Complete the event with a Soup and Salad luncheon in the Tearoom.

The menu: cold strawberry soup, chicken basil salad on a bed of fresh greens and accompanied with fresh melon, rosemary bread with citrus butter.
$30.00 register and pre-pay


June 16th- Noon Unique Square Wreath And Luncheon
You will make this gorgeous wreath using fruit, flowers, and airy greens on a square vine wreath base. You will be proud to display your creation for Spring, Summer and Fall. When everyone has finished with their wreath we will move to the Tearoom for a sumptuous luncheon: chicken basil salad with fresh greens and fruit, herb bread, lemon herb bread, Spring cake, and strawberry soup. $65.00 register and pre-pay


June 17th- Tea Society’s Afternoon Tea
If you would like to know more about this event call Lois at 810-232-0266.


June 23rd- {Friday} 11:00 AM Scented Geraniums (Pelargonium) & Scented Herbs
One of the great joys of walking through a garden is being surrounded by a wonderful mixture of scents. On a warm day the air can be filled with a mixture of scents. Learn more about growing and using scented geraniums (not ornamental geraniums). Scented Geraniums are easy to grow, heavenly fragrant and lovely in the garden. Also, we will delve into the uses for herbs such as lemon verbena, lemon thyme, lavender and more. You will enjoy a buffet of foods using these highly fragrant herbs. $30.00 register and pre-pay


June 24 th- Noon Grapevine Garden Sphere & Luncheon
Your garden sphere will be made for you. You will add white lights, bird nest, moss, and faux airy accents. You will then put your 2- piece sphere together and add a hanger. Your sphere can be displayed as a garden ornament, on a pedestal, or is a unique source for lighting for the patio or from a tree branch. When everyone has finished we will move to the tearoom for a delightful luncheon: cold strawberry soup, chicken basil salad served on a bed of fresh greens and seasonal fruit, herb rolls and refreshing rosemary banana punch.
$65.00 Limited to 12 register and pre-pay